About Us
About Us

By based on a sense of mutual trust, we began to our studies in 1985 in order to contribute to the commercial life of our country. With 30 years of experiences,Everest Kimya, that provide service today in İstanbul/ İkitelli manufacturing facility, is considered the product and also the service quality as a whole.In addition to domestic service and customer satisfaction, we attach great importance to our export targets and continue to contribute to our country's economy as far as possible.

Not limited to the range of products we created, based on customer needs, we continue to create customer-specific new product day by day.

In order to carve out a better future, we know the importance of institutionalization from day to day and never lose this excitement.


According to world standards, to produce" more qualified product" in a cheaper way.


To be a leader and a model in the industry and also to insert our company into the other leading companies in Turkey.



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İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone
Atatürk Oto Industrial Site - 21. Street No: 611
Başakşehir / İSTANBUL

  Haritada Göster!

Tel +90 (212) 485 9367 | Fax +90 (212) 485 9368


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